Pop Rock with a Social Conscience

David Fuller Music

Singer/Songwriter, Melbourne, Australia

A singer / songwriter with working class roots, David delivers a fusion of rock, blues, soul, funk and jazz. His thoughtful and sophisticated lyrics are combined with soulful vocals and class musicianship. A multi instrumentalist and producer, David combines his talents with fine musicians from around the globe.

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Demo Tracks

The following tracks are a selection of demos you can listen to on Soundcloud. These are pre final mix and not mastered. They are not yet available for purchase. 

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Get Me Off This Rock

A rollicking celebration of humanity’s greed and stupidity! Drums: Jason Meekins Guitar: Freddy Parra BVs: Marie Bethen All the other stuff: David Fuller ——————————————————- (NASA sound byte: Okay, Houston We’ve had a problem here. This is Houston. Say again, please. Houston, we’ve had a problem.) [Tick, tock, tick, tock] Up, down, spinning around Driven by…

Her Royal Majesty

Written and performed by: David Fuller Violin: Marisa Frantz —————————————————————————————- I look to her window and see her silhouette As she dances alone, a sad pirouette She throws back martinis and tries to forget That she once was a queen She courted her lovers with open contempt She used them, abused them, and none were…


Words & Music: David Fuller Drums & Bass: Jason Meekins All other instruments and vocals: David Fuller I wrote this song when I was 19. This recording is the latest incarnation of one of the few tracks that have survived the intervening years. A simple song, with a simple message, it is nonetheless a fun…