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David Fuller - Singer/Songwriter, Melbourne, Australia

Hi, and welcome to David Fuller Music. I'm really glad you've found your way here. I've been writing since I was about 16 - some time back in the last century. I have a passion for music, writing, and all things creative. Have a wander around, have a read, a listen, and above all - enjoy!

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Upcoming Gigs

The Palace Hotel, Camberwell - 13th May, 9pm.

The Alternators - Fully Charged!

The Alternators will be performing with special guest, the incredible David Jones (on drums), at The Palace Hotel from 9pm sharp! Don't miss an opportunity to see these dynamic musicians strut their stuff. Great songs with infectious melodies and tight harmonies, backed by an amazing rhythm section. Not to be missed!

Kevin Jones (Songwriter): Guitar, Vocals
David Fuller (Songwriter): Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
David Jones: Drums
Tim Matthew: Bass
Anthony 'Tok' Norris: Synth, Trumpet

Tickets are $15 online or $20 at the door.

Book a table and come down early to have dinner and catch the 2 acoustic support acts, Veritas & Catholic Guilt. (from 7pm)

The Palace Hotel is just across the road from The Camberwell Train Station, and there is plenty of local parking available.

Please invite and share with family and friends. See you there!


The Alternators

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Music & Words by David Fuller Drums & Bass: Jason Meekins Guitars: Kevin Jones Keys, Vocals, Bass & Production : David Fuller ——————————————————————————- It’s 3am and I’ve got nowhere to go I’m happy lying here with you No matter what tomorrow brings This here and now belongs to me and you It’s 3am and I’ve…

Inspiratio Apparition | David Fuller Music

Inspiration Apparition

Black Widow

Music & Words by David Fuller Drums & Bass: Jason Meekins Guitars: Kevin Jones Keys, Vocals and production: David Fuller Wicked laugh: Jessica Fuller ——————————————————————————- Your scheming eyes expose the darkness that’s in your mind Nothin’ but lies, ever leave your lips You tantalise, with your easy charm You mesmerise, with the sway of your…

No Turning Back | David Fuller Music

No Turning Back

Happy New Year folks! Here’s a new track to kick off 2016… No Turning Back (Words and Music: David Fuller) Jason Meekins: Drums Andre Lyles: Bass Kevin Jones: Lead Guitar Jessica Fuller: Backing Vocals David Fuller: EP, Piano, Keys. Electric Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, BVs and Production Updated 2/2/16 with new bass. ————————————————————————- [Boom, boom, boom,…

I Dont Really Care | David Fuller Music

I Don’t Really Care

It’s been a while since I uploaded a new song. This is, I think, the first new track since February this year. There’s been some re-releases, but new music has been a little light on. Sorry about that – I’ve had a bit going on. I’ve been writing, I’m always writing, but not recording much.…

Rope To A Drowning Man | David Fuller Music

Rope To A Drowning Man

It’s about 2 years since I released the first production version of this song into the wild. On that version it was me playing everything, with a little help from my daughter on BVs. That’s ok I guess, and I’m really proud of that original version, but I always felt this track needed a darker…

Dreams | David Fuller Music

Dreams (2105 Mix)

  This is not a new track, but it’s an update on a previously recorded piece from a year or so ago. I’ve replaced the drums with the wonderful talents of Jason Meekins and replaced the bass with work by my friend, teacher and mentor, the simply sensational Heather Price. And of course this all…

Dead On My Feet | David Fuller Music

Dead On My Feet

Written by David FullerDavid Fuller: Vocals, Keyboards, Electric Rhythm Guitar (Australia) Jessica Fuller: Backing Vocals (Australia) Kevin Jones: Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar (Australia) Jason Meekins: Drums (USA) http://jasonmeekins.com/ jBassman: Bass (USA) GroundFish: Horn Section (Belgium) ——————————————————————- I wrote this song 32 years ago at the tender age of 19. A couple of years ago I…


I waited for tomorrow But of course it never came I spent all my day waiting And the next day was the same And then I finally realised That it’s a hopeless task Tomorrow is a promise That will never come to pass So when we say “tomorrow” As we so often say We risk…

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