David Fuller - Singer/Songwriter, Melbourne, Australia

Hi, and welcome. I'm really glad you've found your way here. I've been writing since I was about 16 - some time back in the last century. I have a passion for music, writing, and all things creative. Have a wander around, have a read, a listen, and above all - enjoy!

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Rope To A Drowning Man


It’s about 2 years since I released the first production version of this song into the wild. On that version it was me playing everything, with a little help from my daughter on BVs. That’s ok I guess, and I’m really proud of that original version, but I always felt this track needed a darker…


Dreams (2105 Mix)


  This is not a new track, but it’s an update on a previously recorded piece from a year or so ago. I’ve replaced the drums with the wonderful talents of Jason Meekins and replaced the bass with work by my friend, teacher and mentor, the simply sensational Heather Price. And of course this all…

Dead On My Feet

Dead On My Feet


Written by David FullerDavid Fuller: Vocals, Keyboards, Electric Rhythm Guitar (Australia) Jessica Fuller: Backing Vocals (Australia) Kevin Jones: Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar (Australia) Jason Meekins: Drums (USA) http://jasonmeekins.com/ jBassman: Bass (USA) GroundFish: Horn Section (Belgium) ——————————————————————- I wrote this song 32 years ago at the tender age of 19. A couple of years ago I…



I waited for tomorrow But of course it never came I spent all my day waiting And the next day was the same And then I finally realised That it’s a hopeless task Tomorrow is a promise That will never come to pass So when we say “tomorrow” As we so often say We risk…

Sweet Dreams - web

Sweet Dreams (A Lullaby)


Written and performed by David Fuller ———————————————————— This is a simple lullaby that came to me out of nowhere. I wish I’d written this when my children were babies so I could have sung it to them. Perhaps I’ll sing it to their children ———————————————————— Close your eyes Go to sleep my darling Know that…

Do not be silent! Young beaten up woman looking at camera and ho

Raise Your Hands


Written and performed by David Fuller Slide guitar: Kevin Jones (@jonesyboyz) —————————————————————– This is not a song about God, as some seem to think. This is a song about men. This is a song about violence. Violence against women. This is one man’s call to all men to find a better way, to use your…


Hey You


Written & Performed by David Fuller Guitar: Kevin Jones ————————————————————— Hey You I don’t need your explanations I don’t want you wasting my time Hey You Keep your complications I don’t want you adding to mine Like you do All of the time Hey You Is this another revelation Some epic drama that’s blowing your…


The Big Picture


Written and performed by David Fuller Electric Guitars and backing vocals: Kevin Jones ————————————————————— I cannot help but think we will look back on this period of our history with shame and regret. I wonder if we would still think it’s ok to turn away those in need if we were to meet them personally…

economic crisis

Storm Coming Down


Written and performed by David Fuller Electric Guitars – Kevin Jones ———————————————————- 24 days changed everything – you can deny the storm, but that won’t stop it coming! I’ve nearly drowned twice. Once literally, once figuratively. Both times I was faced with a choice. Give in, or live. Well, I’m still here. This is one…

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