Gravity can't hold me, like it holds you....

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David Fuller Music

Singer/Songwriter, Melbourne, Australia

A singer / songwriter with working class roots, David delivers classic rock with an infusion of blues, soul, funk and jazz. His thoughtful and sophisticated lyrics are combined with soulful vocals and class musicianship. A multi instrumentalist and producer, David combines his talents with fine musicians from around the globe.

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New Single - OUT NOW!


Demo Tracks

The following tracks are a selection of demos you can listen to on Soundcloud. These are pre final mix and not mastered. They are not yet available for purchase. 

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Get Me Off This Rock

A rollicking celebration of humanity’s greed and stupidity! Drums: Jason Meekins Guitar: Freddy Parra BVs: Marie Bethen All the other stuff: David Fuller ——————————————————- (NASA sound byte: Okay, Houston We’ve had a problem here. This is Houston. Say again, please. Houston, we’ve had a problem.) [Tick, tock, tick, tock] Up, down, spinning around Driven by…

Her Royal Majesty

Written and performed by: David Fuller Violin: Marisa Frantz —————————————————————————————- I look to her window and see her silhouette As she dances alone, a sad pirouette She throws back martinis and tries to forget That she once was a queen She courted her lovers with open contempt She used them, abused them, and none were…


Words & Music: David Fuller Drums & Bass: Jason Meekins All other instruments and vocals: David Fuller I wrote this song when I was 19. This recording is the latest incarnation of one of the few tracks that have survived the intervening years. A simple song, with a simple message, it is nonetheless a fun…

Dangerous Girl

Had just restrung my guitar and needed to play the strings in. This happened. Written and performed by David Fuller Drums: Jason Meekins Dangerous Girl ————————————– I fell in love with a dangerous girl She drew me in to her labyrinth world And I followed her down the rabbit hole My heart served on a…

Being Free

Written by David Fuller E Piano & Vocals: David Fuller Backing Band: Mr Logic I originally wrote this song for the 3 year old daughter of some friends of mine as a birthday gift. It was called Being 3. I decided to rework the lyric around the idea of being dumped by someone as their…


Music & Words by David Fuller Drums & Bass: Jason Meekins Guitars: Kevin Jones Keys, Vocals, Bass & Production : David Fuller ——————————————————————————- It’s 3am and I’ve got nowhere to go I’m happy lying here with you No matter what tomorrow brings This here and now belongs to me and you It’s 3am and I’ve…

Inspiratio Apparition | David Fuller Music

Inspiration Apparition

Black Widow

Music & Words by David Fuller Drums & Bass: Jason Meekins Guitars: Kevin Jones Keys, Vocals and production: David Fuller Wicked laugh: Jessica Fuller ——————————————————————————- Your scheming eyes expose the darkness that’s in your mind Nothin’ but lies, ever leave your lips You tantalise, with your easy charm You mesmerise, with the sway of your…

No Turning Back | David Fuller Music

No Turning Back

Happy New Year folks! Here’s a new track to kick off 2016… No Turning Back (Words and Music: David Fuller) Jason Meekins: Drums Andre Lyles: Bass Kevin Jones: Lead Guitar Jessica Fuller: Backing Vocals David Fuller: EP, Piano, Keys. Electric Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, BVs and Production Updated 2/2/16 with new bass. ————————————————————————- [Boom, boom, boom,…

I Dont Really Care | David Fuller Music

I Don’t Really Care

It’s been a while since I uploaded a new song. This is, I think, the first new track since February this year. There’s been some re-releases, but new music has been a little light on. Sorry about that – I’ve had a bit going on. I’ve been writing, I’m always writing, but not recording much.…

Rope To A Drowning Man | David Fuller Music

Rope To A Drowning Man

It’s about 2 years since I released the first production version of this song into the wild. On that version it was me playing everything, with a little help from my daughter on BVs. That’s ok I guess, and I’m really proud of that original version, but I always felt this track needed a darker…

Dreams | David Fuller Music

Dreams (2105 Mix)

  This is not a new track, but it’s an update on a previously recorded piece from a year or so ago. I’ve replaced the drums with the wonderful talents of Jason Meekins and replaced the bass with work by my friend, teacher and mentor, the simply sensational Heather Price. And of course this all…