Dead On My Feet

Dead On My Feet

Written by David FullerDavid Fuller: Vocals, Keyboards, Electric Rhythm Guitar (Australia)
Jessica Fuller: Backing Vocals (Australia)
Kevin Jones: Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar (Australia)
Jason Meekins: Drums (USA)
jBassman: Bass (USA)
GroundFish: Horn Section (Belgium)
I wrote this song …
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I waited for tomorrow
But of course it never came
I spent all my day waiting
And the next day was the same
And then I finally realised
That it’s a hopeless task
Tomorrow is a promise
That will never …

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Sweet Dreams - web

Sweet Dreams (A Lullaby)

Written and performed by David Fuller
This is a simple lullaby that came to me out of nowhere.

I wish I’d written this when my children were babies so I could have sung it to them. Perhaps I’ll sing …

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